‘I Can See Your Voice’ Eric Anthony Lopez soars on Season 2 Finale on FOX

Eric Anthony Lopez in I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE (FOX/Global)

Guessing whether a person is a good singer or a bad singer without ever listening to a note of their voice and winning a cash prize of a cool $100,000 for guessing correctly definitely sounds like a great plotline for a game show, which explains the success of FOX’s ‘I Can See Your Voice’. For the season 2 finale, the mystery show featured contestant, make up artist testing her luck and guessing skills on the show — who ultimately chose to eliminate Opera Singer immediately from the board.

During Lopez’s reveal, the reaction was complete shock as he soared in the Spanish language opera aria “Por Ti Volare”, accompanied by a quartet of string players. leaving Host Ken Jeong and the celebrity detectives Kandi Burgess, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Bailon Houtin, Vanessa Lachey, Jim Jeffries & 4 million viewers watching completely shocked and mesmerized.

Lopez is most known for his time with The Phantom of The Opera. He is reportedly set to star in the highly anticipated new basketball feature film Chang Can Dunk produced by Walt Disney Pictures & Disney+ in 2023.