Marsalis: the future of hip-hop and music

Marsalis is an artist who represents that generation of creatives that create new sonic visions. His latest opus, titled “8/24” is a fresh air for the game and illustrates everything that we admire. The Atlanta-based artist serves real music with quality and creativity.

The 8-track opus unveils a vanguard recipe between, rap, a subtle dark R’N’B touch, but above all, mysterious and unique productions. Marsalis’ voice stands out from his peers, thanks to his powerful tone, his solid technique and stunning flow. You get addicted once you listen to the first track “FASHO”.

With 8/24, Marsalis offers a new hip-hop vision and knows how to reinvent the genre: this is promising for him and we expect nothing but success for his charismatic signature.

Listen to the album and keep an eye on this rising artist, because he is not ready to slow down anytime soon: