Out now: “Livin In A Lie”, but with uplifting energy with Monotronic

Monotronic is a New York-based collective that we have just discovered, and from the first notes of their new song “Livin In A Lie” we became addicted to this convincing uplifting track.

The collective creates out of the beaten tracks a genre-blending musical world, blessed by pop-rock sonorities where infectious groovy guitars and catchy keyboards reign to take us into a splendid musical moment.

The poetic lyrical content and the energetic vocal performance place “Livin In A Lie” in the list of the best 2021 hits. 

“It’s about a guy who is enjoying the freedoms of the single life, until he meets a girl and falls in love.” He elaborates, “In the end, the girl breaks his heart and changes him forever. He goes back to his single life but is no longer able to enjoy those freedoms he once cherished as a bachelor, but he deceives himself nonetheless and pretends to be happy.” Says Elkholy, musician and producer from the collective.

It is not surprising to see that they already were premiered at the #1 slot on Vevo’s “Incoming Indie” playlist. With such an incomparable artistic vision, there is no doubt that they will multiply their success for 2022.