Larry Mindel’s Soothing New Single ‘Okarito Ways’

Larry Mindel is an artist and songwriter with a love of great melodies and unique hooks, reaching deep within the psyche of the audience. Larry’s style of music could be described as a unique combination of different styles, including indie music and classic pop-rock, among others. In addition to crafting beautiful melodies, Larry can connect with the audience with incredible arrangements and a truly insightful approach to composition. Okarito Ways is a good indication of where his artistry is at right now, and if you do enjoy the work of artists such as Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, and ELO, this one is definitely going to be right up your alley!

Okarito Ways celebrates Ōkārito Lagoon, which – with its associated waterways – connects the Southern Alps of the West Coast of New Zealand to the Tasman Sea. Rich with wildlife, this unique and biodiverse area is protected by National Forest, part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ōkārito is the largest surviving unmodified wetlands in New Zealand.

The aesthetics surrounding the artist’s brand and persona are just as unique as his music, and the visuals associated with the acts truly stand out, complementing the sound and bringing the music to an even deeper, more enjoyable dimension altogether. Anything is possible when artists curate all aspects of their productions, and this is definitely the case here. Do not miss out on Larry Mindel and listen to Okarito Ways, which is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services on the web.

Okarito Ways is a collaboration between London-based Larry Mindel, conservationists Swade Finch and Paula Sheridan, and visual artist Rina Sjardin-Thompson all from New Zealand. Key project members also include music producer Matteo Galesi (Italy) and film maker Rob Thom (UK). 11 people of 6 different nationalities have collaborated on this project.