Music video inspired by pandemic and quarantine takes multiple honors at international film festivals

Los Angeles, CA – Pop artist Nadia Vaeh is calling out the various societal systems perpetuating social anxiety with her thought-provoking and award winning music video, “Never Leave the Basement”, the recent ‘Best Music Video’ winner at the 2021 Paris International Shorts Film Festival.

This Wanda-Vision inspired musical montage depicts social anxiety felt by many perpetuated by social media, including myself, displayed across decades of imagery and emotion. I would be very interested to arrange an interview with you to discuss the video and the music behind it or if you might be interested in covering the piece for a review.

The music video has also earned other honors including becoming an ‘Official Selection’ at the 2021 Cannes International Short Film Festival and ‘Nominee’ at the 2021 San Francisco Indie Short Film Festival.

Directed and edited by the multi-talented Evan Blum, the video shines light on the darker side of the entertainment and social media industries. With fashion looks and set designs curated by the brilliant Lani Rose, my vision for the song was brought to life in such a way I thought could only exist in my dreams.

“We literally moved two full apartments of furniture, furnishings, and décor, into an abandoned Beverly Hills home in a 21-hour day full of fun and creativity, all on an atypically cold day for SoCal. It got as low as 34 degrees and was drizzling rain most of the day. The house had no functioning plumbing, so we traipsed outside to a classy porta-potty in the front of the house. Hard work combined with a brilliant team of creatives made for such a beautiful video and a memorable day of creating.” states Nadia Vaeh.

The upbeat track talks about how every day feels the same like you’re stuck in a basement with life on loop.  Inspired by the pandemic and quarantine, the song reveals how many individuals cannot cope with society when they are experiencing social anxiety. In keeping with that message, Vaeh is donating proceeds of the song to AKFSA – Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety, an organization dedicated to educating social anxiety sufferers, mental health professionals, family, and the general public about the diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety disorder. “Never Leave the Basement” is now available for streaming and download on digital music platforms worldwide.


The single for the music video was written by Nadia Vaeh and Dion Shaw, and deals with the pressures society poses on people and the social anxiety this may cause. “The world is a scary place and I am a naturally introverted person,” explains Vaeh. “The first lyric that came to me was: “Advertisements scroll like pavement, max us out like credit cards – don’t pay them.” Nadia states, “That was inspired out of the frustration with social media and entertainment being so irresponsible. So many of my friends and colleagues are suffering and much of that has to do with how we are inundated with billboards everywhere telling us how to be happy or look. It just creates such a feeling of lack for so many, including myself.” Combined with her evocative lyrics is a pop/rock beat laced with guitar power cords with hints of punk rock. Vaeh discusses how she wants others to feel like a lot of people are feeling very lost right now because for so long they have been told things that aren’t actually true about life.  “I think my generation is in deep debt and has been told they can be whatever they want to be, and do whatever they want to do, but it is partially not true”, she explains. “That’s been a lie too.  My generation is ill-prepared to go into life; to live a fulfilling life.  I want people who are struggling financially, feeling the weight of a pandemic who feel they are in a simulation to feel less alone.  A lot of us are living out this exact same day… everyday.”


She has teamed up with AKFSA – Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety, and will be donating proceeds from the single to the organization. “AKFSA helps people learn about and deal with their own social anxieties through a campaign of education and support targeting sufferers, the medical profession, and society in general. They provide the resources and support needed to treat, manage, and conquer this debilitating and sometimes fatal disorder, social anxiety is many things, but it is not hopeless ,” explains Vaeh.



Produced by Nadia Vaeh LLC / Galactic Cat Records

Co-producers Kyle Burn and Edward Hernandez 

Concept Nadia Vaeh 

Directed by Evan Blum 

Edited by Evan Blum

Lighting Marlo Madlangbayanz

Production assistants Kyle Burn, Reina Mora, and Iran Garcia

Set design Lani Rose Ault

Styling Lani Rose Ault

Makeup Laura Bueno 

Hair Rachel Anderson

Location Morteza Rafiei / MSR Entertainment

Song written by Nadia Vaeh and Dion Shaw

Music Production by Dion Shaw and Tyler Spratt

Mixing and mastering by Tyler Spratt

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