Monday Selection: Alpha Petulay’s “Listen”, A Captivating Journey Through Sound and Soul

Discover the enchanting world of Alpha Petulay with her exciting new album “Listen.” This opus opens with ABISHE, setting the tone for a journey through tribal rhythms, bewitching and mesmerizing, as if they aim to possess your soul. The voices resonate like incantations, freeing you from your demons and fears. Subtle electro arrangements add a unique touch to the track, which is rich in vocal and musical colors.

Tracks like “DO YOU KNOW” and “JOB YETU” bring a groove and soothing sweetness that warms the heart. Meanwhile, in songs like “WHO YOU ARE” and “SILENCIO,” the artist, born in Congo and raised in Brazil, experiments with voices and sounds, teasing out emotions and stimulating the imagination.

One of the standout singles, “LISTEN,” delivers a powerful message through its rhythmic voices and speeches, accompanied by reggae and afro beats melodies, enhanced by engaging brass sections. This track ignites a visceral desire to dance and feel free.

Without revealing too much, “Listen” invites you to dive into a rich journey celebrating musical and cultural diversity. Now, it’s your turn to experiment this rich journey, so press play:

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