New Musical Project Alert: ChillMindscapes

At The-Further, we are more than a music magazine, we have our eye on all the new trends and the good news for the industry. Our focus today is on ChillMindscapes, an artist who created a copyrights Free Music Library created with Streamers in mind.

ChillMindscapes, is the kind of platform that all streamers need, as it will help them find music to easily use. We know how it is difficult sometimes, and ChillMindscapes make our musical life easier. 

If you use and work on Twitch, Youtube, or another platform, you will be able to find background music, or type instrumental without getting DMCA: no more obstacle course!

If you are a fast thinker, you would have understood that ChillMindscapes will be more than popular!

Rendez-vous on his Spotify, where you can find Non-Copyright Music for Twitch Streams:


ChillMindscapes’ streaming link HERE