Our exclusive conversation with Paris Westburn

Photo: Chris Seuteni

We end the month on a perfect note thanks to our best musical discovery of March 2021. His name is Paris Westburn, currently based in France and originally from San Francisco by way of Detroit. the multi-skilled artist offers one of the most creative and outstanding sounds we have never-heard this year.

Paris Westburn was launched a few months ago only and offers musical gifts coming from the past, and the future. His genre-blending tracks between experimental sounds, soulful vocals, and old-school Shoegaze production immerse the audience into a unique musical journey. Inspiring, Promising and Admirable. 

We can’t wait to discover his upcoming release: a single entitled “Kings Juga”, out on April 16th. Meanwhile, listen to his music right now and Rendez-vous below to discover our interview with him.

Welcome to our redaction! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started to make music?

I am Paris Westburn, I started off in music playing the violin and earning a scholarship to a music institute in Cleveland, Ohio when I was 7. I then began to write music around the age of 19.

What inspires you to write and create music?

Life, its struggles, love, the lack thereof, pain, joy, sorrow, and beauty inspire my music.

Can you describe your creative process?

I have a supernatural predilection for curiosity about the world, Vivaldi, and anything from economics, politics, art, and history, rituals and traditions, and the etymology of words. I also like to imbibe in my alcoholic spirits and people watch for hours. All this inspires me to put out into the world, as music, everything that I take in.

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

My latest release, Kings Juga, is inspired by rituals and traditions. Hip hop comes from jazz….jazz comes from the blues….The blues comes from the black church and field slave hollers. Field slave hollers come from tribal chants in Africa. The missing link or perhaps an offshoot is Juke Joint music. A juke joint was a place out in the fields, a club if you will…where black people could go in the days of segregation after slavery and be themselves, and play their music, without being harassed by white American society. The music that sprang from those juke joints, was a mixture of blues, hill country music, the early beginnings of rock n roll, and doo-wop…. Kings Juga is an homage to that juke joint music. An homage to our musical ancestors, who without them, you wouldn’t have hip hop and music in its current form today. See? rituals and Traditions. 5. As far as the future? I am releasing a full-length concept album, which I’m currently recording now, which should be available for release early next year. That album will consist of new material as well as songs and sounds recorded and written in Curacao, Greece, Berlin, Oakland California, and France. Kings Juga is out on April 16th.