Enter the world of World’s First Cinema

Today, we met with World’s First Cinema, a successful band that offers pure musical gifts to the world. 

Their latest release, a splendid ballade entitled “Cold Sets In” unveils magnificent melodies with perfect instrumentation between emotionally driven piano notes, haunting strings, and above all an appealing vocal performance that will not leave you indifferent. 

Cold Sets In” is the possibility of a moment out of time, through a magical musical journey:

We had the pleasure to talk with World’s First Cinema. Discover our interview right now:

How did you choose your artist’s name and what does it mean? Is there a signification behind it?

We wanted to create thrilling, cinematic music – so we had to choose a name to match. Fil came up with it first, and it just felt so right…no real significance, we just loved the majesty the name seems to carry with it. 
When were you first exposed to music?
John started playing violin at a very young age – like seven or eight years old. Fil started playing in bands as soon as he was a teenager. We just grew up working with music every day. It’s what we lived and breathed. 
What are your songs about?
With every track, we try to capture this epic, dark fantasy universe that we’re building. So we weave a lot of classic horror and fantasy references into our lyrics; werewolves, witches, vampires – all the terrors of the night come out to play in our music and be a part of the band. 
You have a rather surprising technical approach regarding the production of your songs. What is it and how would you describe your artistic research?
We love to create huge feeling pieces of music. And that usually involves a lot of instrumentation. We just geek about the production process and try to make it as ridiculous as possible. 
What are your biggest inspirations and your biggest career goals after so many successful songs?
Honestly, we just can’t wait to play live. That’s the biggest goal is to start our touring cycle and bring this music to the stage.