“Out”: the latest musical gift by Maria Lidze

We discovered Maria Lidze thanks to her latest musical jewel: “Out”, a splendid journey from start to finish.

Creative and original artists are rarer and rarer these days. This is why we immediately know it when we are listening to something special. 

The multi-talented Maria Lidze surprised us with “Out” as she unveils an outstanding world between chill-pop, jazz, and above all an appealing and haunting vocal performance.

Maria Lidze invites us into a new universe, a breathtaking musical moment rocked by perfect instrumentation and complexity, and a real sense of the melody. The arrangements are impeccable, the artistic energy is addictive.

Be ready to fall in love with the singer, also model and actress. She caught our heart from the first notes, she is one of the most incredible discoveries of this end of the month. 

We’re looking forward to hearing more about her music. Press play and add these gems to your playlists: