Paolo Virdis is back with a new jewel entitled “Survive”

Some artists, more than others, remind you of how much there is to discover when it comes to music and arts. Paolo Virdis, who we discovered a few months ago with “Abisso” belongs to this category. We are glad to announce that he is back with more music!

His latest offering is entitled “Survive” and is another surprising experimentation through electronic and experimental sounds. Dark and mysterious synth, pinkish energy, and new wave touches, the single is innovating and takes you to unexpected travels and emotions.

Paolo Virdis’s creativity is admirable as it pushes back barriers and brings new sounds to the table. The artist shows us here that in music, nothing is impossible and that art can marry all genres for a pleasant and captivating result.

“Survive” is a delight for the ears, and we advise you to discover it right now: