Pierlucien, our best artist of the week

We discovered Pierlucien thanks to his latest outstanding offering “Baby Doll”, an unexpected track coming from another planet. Pierlucien proves that creative artists still exist.

The singer, songwriter, and also dancer, delivers an electronic and epic production, as well as a strong dope of experimentation.

His message is highlighted by a unique and particular visual that shows another part of his talent. 

We wanted to know more about Pierlucien’s creative process, Rendez-vous below to read our conversation with him. 

Hello Pierlucien. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Pierlucien, a French singer-songwriter, producer, professional dancer and visual artist. Coming from the planet earth but probably from parts of it that still need to be discovered and explored. To be more serious; I was born in France but, thanks to dance, I lived in several European countries that enabled me to discover new cultures and universes that still inspire me every day. I am currently living in Cologne in Germany, a very multi-cultural city. I like how open-minded people are there, how much they put trust in art, and how they can make me feel about myself.


What artists do you feel serve as your primary influences?

Björk played a very important role during my teenage years and inspired me a lot, especially because of her voice that is so singular, how much she seems to live each song she is creating to the fullest and also because of the whole visual universe she creates around her music. I admire many artists : Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Antony and the Johnson, Jacques Brel, Christina Aguilera, The Weekend, Dillon, Lana Del Rey… The list is long, and I think they all had a role to play throughout my life, in what I became and what I create today.


Are you involved in any side-projects?

I still work a lot with the dance company I used to be part of, they often require me for some projects. Despite the Coronavirus, I was also involved in some art projects in the city where I used to live in Germany. I also recently wrote and composed a song for the american artist E. Alvin and I called « Hear Me Sing » that was released last May. I recently moved to Cologne to meet new artists, to get inspired by another environment, to broaden my horizons and some new projects should come soon !

What are some non-traditional or non-conventional tools or equipment that you use to create your sounds?

I work a lot with Felix Pätzold, who is playing the cello in many of my tracks. I like to combine authentic and classical sounds with something more electronic. I record most of my work from home.

I keep on challenging myself finding new sounds for each of my creations that match the atmosphere of the song as well as my voice. I don’t really like to use sounds that are too ‘mainstream’. When I compose, I am not following a specific pattern, I’d rather work with my intuition.

For example, for the song « It Makes Me Quite Blue », I recorded the dancers’ breath sounds while shooting the video to give even more emotions, depths and intentions to the song.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2020 and info 2021?

I am planning on releasing a much calmer song and, of course, a new music video that goes with it for the end of the year. My biggest 2020 project was actually to move, which I did. I believe Cologne is gonna bring me the inspiration I am looking for and the network I need to be better known in the music industry even if everything is a bit unsure and slowed down due to the current pandemic situation.

Hopefully 2021 will be better, I would like to drop an album. This corona virus situation is putting a lot of pressure on artists and the art scene, but I would really, really like to be able to perform again soon. Unfortunately, without a booking agent, it is extremely difficult and I wish I could be helped on that level.

I am also planning to learn some new dance styles, like pole dance classes for example, to get to know better new styles of dance to expand my skills. Being a bit more involved in a dance center in Cologne now, I would like to propose my services as a dance contemporary teacher using my own musical work. I would definitely like to collaborate with Choreographers for some shows (concerts or dance pieces) or music videos.