You already know TOWER CRANE TOWERS as our redaction reviewed the band’s music. They made such an amazing impression with their appealing discography that it was only right to have a little chat with them.

Who are they? What are their main inspirations and goals? Discover our exclusive interview with a member of TOWER CRANE TOWERS now!

Tell us who you are and how you started to make music! 

I’ve been making music and art for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been passionate about it. I think you can be passionate about what you create, and even if you’re not very competent at it (technically) the creativity with which you approach it can make it interesting.

What inspires you to write music? 

Many people ask that question, and also want to know what the songs are about. It’s often difficult to explain, but the reason I write music is because I’m part and parcel of the human condition. I think, like many artists, my hand is forever in that universal stream of human consciousness that washes emotions and feelings over it…and they’ve got to go somewhere. So I package them up and give them back to the world.

What is your creative process? 

When a song, or piece of art, or a fragrance is born – it is always accompanied by the presence of the other elements. I’ll smell something that puts a lyric in my head, or our guitarist will give me a riff that puts a certain image in my head. The elements push each other forward into a collective whole. That’s basically the concept behind TOWER CRANE TOWERS…

Can you describe your latest release? 

It should be noted that our first record was all we ever intended to make, but the response we received was so overwhelmingly positive, and we connected with so many people internationally (Europe, India, Costa Rica, The UK, The USA, Australia…) that we began to consider a second release. Inevitably, the battery of emotions and experiences that time pours over us, spurred it forward.

The new LP follows the same path as the first, musically and artistically…but also incorporates a digital element via the ARTIVIVE app. This enables us to tell stories about certain images by animating them – but also switch up and allow other images to be animated later on so the record is never the same twice. Overall, I would say it’s a more creative and intimately crafted version of the first release.

What do you plan for the future? 

We’ve realized that TOWER CRANE TOWERS has become its own entity, and as such, needs to be fed, nurtured, inspired. We have already written several new songs, and with them – new images, ideas, and tactile elements have been born. There will definitely be another release. I think we may have tried to walk away when we thought the first project was finished – but now the entity is alive in the crowded world…we know it’s cry…and we will always hearten back to it.