The-further presents: THE ICE CREAM STORY, a film by BOYANG LI

A talented young actress and artist from Genova, Italy, Marie Solimena is a rising star in the entertainment industry. Starting her career in 2009, she’s grown to become a former actress at the “Teatro Instabile” in Genova and a keen performer in both theatre and cinema all over the world.

However, after all her theatre training she decided to focus more on acting in front of a camera. She made a mark on the film scene with her amazing performance in the short film “The Ice Cream Story” directed by BoYang Li.

“The Ice Cream Story”, a fantasy short film, in which Marie portrayed the charismatic and love interest Jane. It premiered in 2019 and then it went off to the Film Festival circuit. It gained millions of views on streaming platforms and therefore a lot of international acclaim.

Marie Solimena had to embrace and dive into the fantasy world of “The Ice Cream Story” in order to fully understand and best portray her character. In order to do so she worked closely with the director to understand his point of view and perspective on the story. It’s no doubt that their energy and their familiarity with each other played a big part in the short film’s success and international recognition.

It was a fun and well-produced short that surely bolster Marie Solimena’s reach on the international entertainment scale. The appeal of “The Ice Cream Story” is universal, and this can be seen thanks to the numerous nominations at film festival and the number of streams it reached throughout the entire world.