Kanye West, Mase, and Earth Wind and Fire have influenced artists working in different genres, and yet while the three may seem significantly different, it was from them that The Real McKoy, also known as Jeremy McKoy, drew inspiration for his first album. The Real McKoy was born Jeremy Mckoy and grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina. While he is currently working as a mental health therapist, he has also begun his music career with the release of his new album “The Mack Too”. 

This innovative and exciting album has built up a buzz in the hip-hop scene as it has given a good cowboy kick pushing the genre forward. The uniqueness of the album has not gone unnoticed and while it is hard to pick any of the tracks out of the album the songs “Love U all the Time”, “The Cowboy Way” and “Let’s Groove” all have a way of communicating a feeling through the tune. 

Between the bold lyrics, incredible beats, and vibes, there is truly nothing missing from this album, which at its core is examining what it means to be human. Never shying away from the dark stuff, as it embraces all assets that make up life. The Real McKoy may be a new artist, but he is here to stay with music that heats to your core, and lyrics that stay on your mind for days.