17 rising artists of 2023

Jefe Yung E – Heavenly Shooters : hip-hop from space and high energy 
Korsah – Hater : solar and haunting
Marcanum X – A Fool’s Gambit : a journey through the future and hard-hitting rap bars 
Bre Maa – Breath of Fresh.. : jazzy-soul, old school vibes and power

Embition x Duane Jackson : January hip-hop revelation 

Lewca – I Fell in Love with a Serial Killer : rock, punk and contagious energy 
Royale is ME – Homicide (feat. Cokeiiz): a powerful hip-hop hit
Cliff Lu – The Scholar: captivating and unique
Brakket – Bad Decisions: missing real hip-hop? Well this banger is for you
Ozi Jarel – Uptown (feat. Saro Roro): the most addictive gem of the week
JoDavi – Sweet Vindication: positive energy, sweet vibes, the song that gives us hop in life again

Trixstar – rainfall: sonic experimentation that makes us fly trough the clouds

Neaks – Wizard: new urban music vision and vanguard flows

King De$ – Said So: flow, technique and creativity, or when hip-hop is not dead. 
WHY MELL? – Faded in the Booth: addictive and soulful darkness 

LittleBoBxxbz- Turn this bitch up: the perfect track to get mad and enjoy it

Boy Sean – Money: a track with a thousand flows

Perelli2 – Think Twice: a delightful and surprising new version of a legendary track