The Sullivan Sees unveil the outstanding “No Place Like Home”

What we love most about art, is the message. We admire artists who can create while delivering strong messages to the world. We need them, especially in these difficult times.

Our discovery of the day comes at the right time and is entitled “The Sullivan Sees”. We discovered the band, with Mick Cooper as the driving force, thanks to their latest beautiful release: “No Place Like Home”. An interesting genre-blending track between electro, pop, and touches of rock music. 

No Place Like Home, describes the feelings many immigrants feel, where they have two places that they call ‘Home’, but they feel or are made to feel like they don’t belong in both, and also denounces racism. 

The track is appealing and interesting from start to finish and will bring people together around the world. Bravo The Sullivan Sees, it is a 10/10.

Press play right now to discover “No Place Like Home”