Vblock Dutch aka Mr. Greenonit releases “Act Like you Know”

Out now: “ACT LIKE YOU KNOW” The first single from Mr. GREENONIT’s upcoming project. 

At the redaction, we are a fan of hip-hop as you might have noticed however we are lately a little disappointed by the lack of creativity when it comes to new rap releases.

We discovered Vblock Dutch aka Mr. Greenonit for our greatest delight and his sound will, fortunately, change the game.  

The Jamaican-born rapper and producer, who had to exile from his country due to run-ins with the government, has turned his past into music to express his story, roots, and struggles. He has announced a new release: a single of his upcoming album, a banger entitled “Act Like You Know”.

Mr. Greenonit delivers a flow from the future, hints of Jamaican vibe with delightful old school echoes. The chorus perfectly completes the track thanks to the singer’s catchy R&B voice. 

“Act Like You Know” is among the best rap songs of 2020. That’s a vibe and a promise for better musical days.