Vollgasliebe, by The Incredible Southdogrock : The Rock Anthem that Warms Hearts”

Vollgasliebe, the 11th song of the SOUTHDOGROCK project created by Florian Döppert and Frank Schultz, presents itself as a true anthem dedicated to genuine rock. This epic and captivating musical composition celebrates the love for rock, with languid guitars and soulful vocal lines that touch hearts and inspire love. The infectious rhythms of this song invite you to let go and be carried away by the music.

Sung in German, this track transcends language barriers to evoke emotion and authenticity. Even without fully understanding the lyrics, one enters the universe of this song, feeling its power and intensity. The magic of Vollgasliebe lies in its ability to convey a universal message, one of passion for rock music.

Florian Döppert and Frank Schultz, the creators of SOUTHDOGROCK, poured all their talent and passion into this composition. They managed to capture the very essence of rock, that raw energy and profound emotion that have thrilled fans for generations.

The lyric video for Vollgasliebe is set to be released on August 4th. This video promises to be a visual experience in perfect harmony with the music, adding an additional dimension to this ode to rock.

The anticipation surrounding Vollgasliebe is palpable, and SOUTHDOGROCK project’s fans are already preparing to be transported by this intoxicating melody. This song is much more than just a piece of music; it is a declaration of love for rock and all the emotions it evokes.

Whether you are a die-hard rock enthusiast or a curious amateur, Vollgasliebe is a musical experience not to be missed. Prepare to be carried away by the blazing guitars, enchanting vocal lines, and rhythms that will make your bodies sway. This song is a celebration of rock in all its splendor and purity, and it will undoubtedly touch your soul. Be sure to mark your calendar for August 4th to discover the lyric video of Vollgasliebe and let yourself be intoxicated by this powerful Vollgasliebe.


Salva Balbo: guitar

Martin Hugenschmidt: drums

Frank Schultz: keyboards

Florian Döppert: vocals and lyrics

Jean-Marc Mazzoleni: bass

Recorded, arranged, and mastered at Frank Schultz’s studio, PRO TON Studio.