We start the week on perfect note thanks to Alien Love

Summer is finally shining and blessing our souls, so we only needed the best project that will accompany our holidays the best way possible. Our best discover today is Dublin-based artist Alien Love and she offers that moment thanks to a delightful EP titled “Outer In”.

The 4-track record will undoubtedly integrate your best playlist thanks to its appealing and eclectic recipe. the artist has talent for blending genres in one homogenize project, and she invites the audience into an electronic chill vibe throughout “Dunes” and “Star Gazer”, while unveiling an authentic soft-rock feeling on “Drive” or “Quit Playing Games (with my heart)”. 

To dance or just to enjoy emotional-driven melodies, the opus is quite exciting and will match your melodies tastes. 

“Outer in” grabs you from the first notes and takes you out of the moment for a pleasant journey in a world which honors the music in all its glory.

 “Outer In” has been mixed by OK Go’s Dan Konopa.

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