Welcome into the splendid world of Ivamae

Burlington-based singer Ivamae has shared the most beautiful project of the summer “Tender Meat”

Our artist of the summer is the talented Ivamae who has shared a brilliant musical journey through her latest offering “Tender Meat”. The 8-tracks opus is splendid from “nope” to “the reality of it all”, and literally blew our mind away. 

The artist has indeed blessed our ears with a unique and appealing recipe between pop and soul music, between dreamy melodies and haunting soundscapes. It is poetic, vulnerable but powerful at the same time.

Singles like “tender meat” deliver soulful vocals floating beautifully over the stunning production that progresses into an incomparable musical experience.

Overall, Ivamae’s project is a solid offering with early morning vibes which showcases her vocal abilities and lyricism.

Stream it below: