A new world to explore thanks to “Let’s Get Lit” by Rolls Rollin

If you are looking for unique sensations, vanguard sonorities, and something that can send you to other planets, we are glad to announce that we have what you need!

The song is entitled “Let’s Get Lit”, by Rolls Rollin. From the first notes, the track took us back into our favorite rave parties, in Berlin or London, and into a futuristic world around techno, bass music, and a new kind of EDM.

 The haunting female robotic vocals bring a cinematic and intense touch that possesses your spirit and takes you into a trance. 

Rolls Rollin, who already amassed millions of streams, is entering our top artist list thanks to “Let’s Get Lit” and should triple his success for 2021. We will make sure to follow his path and keep you updated. 

Stream “Let’s Get Lit” now, a great way to accompany your weekend: