A1Dawk announces a new banger for February 12th

Today we are glad to introduce you to A1Dawk, our best upcoming hip-hop artist of the month.

The Spartanburg-based rapper (South Carolina) took us by surprise with bangers like “Cappers” or “Studio” (feat Days on 85). Only appealing hits in his discography that blends trap beats with hints of futuristic vibes, but above all sharp bars and a lot of flow. 

These kinds of discoveries are the pride of the magazine and we do not doubt that A1Dawk will reach higher levels in the industry.

A1Dawk announces a new single for February 12th entitled “UNDERDOG“. The teaser unveils an intriguing cinematic video that features A1Dawk as a boxer, ready to distribute punches; a way to say that “UNDERDOG” might be a little slap in the face. Promising!

Meanwhile, listen to his latest tracks:


A1Dawk’s website