A day with Rising French Producer/DJ Reex

Discoveries wise, we ended May on a captivating musical project. We’re back with some of our favorite artist: DJ/Producer Reex, and for our greatest delight.

Reex is one of the main voices within the French electronic music scene. Normandy-born artist embarked on a successful musical career a few years ago and is now rising progressively to the highest levels.
Known for combining House music with pop and vanguard electronic influences with lush production, his music is on the list of the best projects in France, but also on an international level. Reex has been offering only high quality and groovy songs and he never deceives his public.

“Baby Want To Future” is our latest addiction from the French artist, a perfect mood setter. With a warm and haunting EDM bass combined with an energetic synthesizer, and heavy beats: the track takes you on a fantasy journey.

Sunshine and positive vibes in an infectious and spacious groove are what you will find in “Baby Want To Future”. Reex is getting you straight up to house music heaven. Exactly what we needed musically.

Believe us, Reex’s music will perfectly accompany your free and summer days. A gift that will play on repeat in your playlist.

Listen to “Baby Want To Future” right now:

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