Our most exciting discovery of the day is the one and only SKG, a rising artist, who is ready to make a name for herself on a global level.

Her discography unveils real hip-hop energy, heavy production and above all an attractive and charismatic personality. SKG serves real music and respect rap music in all its glory.

From Deathrow Records to the Heineken Stage at Coachella, SKG, real name Helecia Choyce gets the job done with power and originality, from old-school flavors to futuristic hard-hitting tracks, her eclecticism will bring her to higher levels before you’ll know.  

Stream her music now:

SKG about the Heineken Stag at Coachella : “I was able to also enjoy my time at Coachella, not only performing but watching a lot of talented artist. I was so impressed and inspired by other artist sets like Karol G and Becky G who did such a great job. I was happy to also see Doja Cat who to me in my opinion is the Beyoncé of rap because what I seen on stage of her performance at Coachella was on another level. I also enjoyed seeing Meg tha Stallion, Vince Staple and the weekend. I suggest all artist who want to learn about stage presence come to Coachella and I can’t wait to hopefully come back next year and perform on stage again.”