“Left It All Behind”: Chicago’s 15-Year-Old Seraphina Sanan Channels Queen-Inspired Sound

Seraphina Sanan, a budding 15-year-old singer-songwriter, is making her mark in the music industry with the release of her debut single, “Left It All Behind.” Presented in collaboration with Richard Fields of Twin Voyage Productions, this fresh offering is set to pique the interest of industry insiders and aficionados alike, showcasing a blend of youthful energy and artistic promise.

Seraphina’s foray into the music scene commenced with the unveiling of “Left It All Behind” on June 23rd, capturing the essence of soured relationships and the subsequent journey towards self-discovery. The track emanates a punk rock ethos, as Seraphina eloquently asserts, “When I burn a bridge, I stand on it to make sure the other person knows I’m burning it down.”

The song provides a unique lens into the world of a contemporary American teenager, detailing the intricate intricacies of a fleeting summer friendship that dissipates as the school year approaches. With an additional layer of sentimentality, the narrative explores the emotions tied to missed opportunities for new connections. Musically, “Left It All Behind” channels influences from the iconic Queen, amalgamating rock, pop, and heavy metal elements to create an eclectic auditory experience.

Seraphina’s songwriting reflects a candid authenticity, born from personal experiences. As she reveals, “This song was tough to write because the memories are still fresh. Losing the friendship was hard, but it taught me to let go of fake friends and those who just want to use me.”

The artist’s creative journey commenced at a tender age, leading to significant collaborations, including a notable partnership with American rapper Twista. Seraphina’s ability to encapsulate the sentiment of her generation within her music sets her apart, fostering dialogues about the complexities that contemporary youth face.

The single is complemented by an engaging music video, shot against the vibrant backdrop of her hometown, Chicago, and the sun-soaked atmosphere of Venice Beach. The visual storytelling enhances the thematic essence of the track, providing a holistic experience for the audience.

Anticipation continues to build as Seraphina Sanan prepares to unveil five additional tracks before the culmination of the year. To remain informed about her musical journey and forthcoming releases, follow @seraphina.sanan on TikTok and Instagram.

As her artistry matures and her voice grows stronger, Seraphina’s evolution promises to leave a lasting imprint on the musical landscape.


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