Discovering ClickUrban, your new favorite urban radio

We don’t know about you but in an area where Playlists flourish, we don’t listen to radio that much, rarely. And above all, we think radios today don’t take risks anymore, they avoid playing emerging artists, which is a complete shame. 

Fortunately, we changed our mind thanks to our new favourite media ClickUrban radio, fresh air in the musical landscape. Indeed, ClickUrban innovates and discover the artists from today and tomorrow. You can hear French rap, Afrotrap, or Drill and electronic hits: yes, ClickUrban is the perfect place to find the talent and it makes us believe in music again.

Their platform offers a refreshing and eclectic concept since it also allows to attend shows, but also for artists to create videos! An entire program.

Well done ClickUrban! We listen to you every day!

Go to ClickUrban HERE.