Discovering Slimrick6 and his new album “SLIMRICK6 III”

We are glad to present to you our best album of September: “SLIMRICK6 III” by emerging Florida rapper Slimrick6. Believe us, the opus is perfect to start the weekend!

The 10 tracks opus caught our attention from “GG CC” to “Gucci Tears” as it blends hip-hop with touches of RnB and vanguard sonorities. 

Slimrick6’s energy is so appealing and his vocal line so infectious that you will be sure to remember his name. 

Press play noon the full album and meet us below to read our conversation with Slimrick6.

Welcome to our redaction! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started to make music?

I started making music later in life around 4 years ago playing with an old laptop and a program called audacity and a usb microphone. I’ve progressed since then but that was my start. I record, mix and master my own music. It was a steeper learning curve or me because I had to learn every process from recording to making beats to mixing. It took a very long time to achieve a desirable sound.

What inspires you to write music?

The feeling of creating something new I think that’s what drives me. That and seeing the progress I’ve made.

Do you have a specific creative process?

My creative process probably isn’t much different from anyone else’s I just listen to beats and try to put words on them. I tend to be the most creative when things aren’t going my way. I like to talk about designer fashion, women, and life.

Can you tell us more about your release “SLIMRICK6 III”?

This release is different from my other release because for this album I wanted the sound, and vibe to be consistent throughout the entire 28 mins. Usually I just put a bunch of songs together and put them out .

What are your plans for your career?

My only plan is the continue pushing forward and being better than I was the last time