Enrose Returns with “My Happiness”

Enrose, the New York-based band fronted by the dynamic Gabi Rose, has emerged from their touring hiatus with a powerful new single, “My Happiness”. Delving into life’s struggles and triumphs, the band delivers a sonically charged track reminiscent of late ’90s and early 2000s alt-rock, complete with a saxophone chorus, lively rhythm, and synth solo.

Lyrically, “My Happiness” explores the depths of life’s darkest moments and the resilience within us to rise above them. Rose poignantly expresses the desperation of survival amidst adversity, questioning why self-care often comes too late. Yet, amidst the introspection, there’s a powerful reminder that our own happiness lies within our hands.

Originating from the intimate settings of basement parties and house shows, Enrose pays homage to their grassroots beginnings in the “My Happiness” music video. Through mirrored reflections and high-energy performances surrounded by friends, the video encapsulates the internal dialogue depicted in the song.

Enrose’s “My Happiness” taps into a nostalgic vein of late ’90s pop-rock, captivating listeners with its infectious chorus and poignant lyrics. The song’s optimistic message is delivered with sincerity, reaffirming the band’s reputation as both dynamic performers and skilled artists. With “My Happiness”, Enrose offers not just a song, but a rallying cry for empowerment and self-discovery.