Focus on hip-hop producer SoundsByFrenk

Our redaction admires the talents behind the scene of the music industry. These persons in the shadow are the reason why we can listen to our favorite artists in the best conditions. We are talking about magicians like SoundsByFrenk, a young producer.

SoundsByFrenk, real name Franklin, has the magic to deliver a real experience in his trap beats. He explore a wide range of moods and feelings to deliver an outstanding artistic vision.

The producer, who already worked with hundreds of artists around the world has an admirable productivity and work ethic.

Browse his work right now and Rendez-vous below to discover him in 5 questions:


Welcome to our redaction! Could you introduce yourself and tell us how you started to make music?

I am a producer who knows that you need more than music. Marketing is very important and I would love to help the artists who believe in my win.

What are your main inspirations to create beats?

My workouts! The energy I get from working out inspires me and the artists which reactions are CRAZY when they hear my beats.

How would you describe your creative process?

Doing what I love whenever I want. I do not force myself to work, only if I feel like working. That is how I get the best results.

What are your latest work and your plan for the future?

I release 2 trap beats every single day and I am trying to work with Masked Wolf and Joyner Lucas in the near future!