Healing Sonic Energy: “HOMAM” by Lucie Dehli

Lucie Dehli, the multitalented artist, composer, and painter, showers us with revitalizing energy in her album “HOMAM,” akin to a canvas painted with a myriad of colors

and emotions. Opening with “Right Or Wrong,” a delicate track that highlights her warm and vulnerable voice, wrapped in ethereal and subtly harmonized melodies. It seamlessly transitions into “Things To Love,” one of our favorites, dark and intense, its rhythms possess our souls while Dehli’s voice acts as a cathartic release.

The entire album is filled with these sonic surprises crafted to either liberate your minds or inundate them with newfound energy. The closing track, “Nyu,” hits the gut and the heart, with its hauntingly voices resembling a shamanic experience, and its minimalist melodies descending from the heavens.

“HOMAM” is an auditory journey that challenges your perception of music, inviting you to experience it in an entirely new light:


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