Introducing Arizona-based director Carlos Berber

Carlos Berber has over 12 years of filmmaking production expertise. He has produced feature films, commercials, documentaries, and music videos for a diverse spectrum of national and international clients. All who see him in action on set or the fantastic initiatives he has spearheaded in the business will sense his passion for film.

He tends to stay close and in touch because he works in a small, intimate industry. He has a tiny group that grows quite close. One of the benefits of having this own production company is that he can pick and choose whom he wants to work with and cast. He enjoys working with the same folks as much as feasible and will do so frequently.

Towards his career, it’s difficult to tell who in the industry most influenced him. he didn’t look up to any filmmakers; instead, he followed performers, the most prominent of whom was Robin Williams, followed by Rob Schneider and then Brendon Frazier. he enjoyed everything these guys did. Something about their vibe really spoke to him the most. He wanted to be an actor when he was eight years old, and living in Arizona provided few possibilities. Scams were ubiquitous, and the only way out was to go to LA, which he couldn’t do because he was first-generation and impoverished. Instead, he learned the method and began making his own videos; things have been swimmingly ever since!

His dreams are to cast Sir Anthony Hopkins in a film. However, the film concept is too unique and original to disclose. It’s a Romantic Horror, and nothing like it has been done before. He thinks that everybody in the industry that creates their own material understands there’s never enough time. Before combining career and passion, he used to enjoy fitness and camping. Aside from that, he’s turned most of his hobbies into money-making opportunities. So work isn’t work; it’s simply his hanging out with my best friend and creative/business life partner, his wife. He gets to hang around and make movies with his pals, which is quite gratifying.

His major projects include; Alibi Officials, The House That Eat Flashes, and many others. His upcoming project is the Party Bus, a thriller and horror movie.

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