Hailing from Chicago, now residing in New York City, the Domestic Violence survivor Sophia Dias has launched her autobiography titled ‘Blindee Preve,’ which directly translates to ‘Bullet-Proof.’ The multi-talented aspiring musician pursuing design also shares a love for cooking; her ebook is now available on Amazon.

Sophia recently released an album comprising seven songs during her time in Jamaica in collaboration with Tuff Gong Studios, which has received an overwhelming response. She is currently promoting her book in Los Angeles, California.

‘Bullet-Proof,’ tells a tale of a woman who has been through it all. Every, every time she thought it was the worst that could come her way, she was shocked and left aghast at what came next. Through this compelling, captivating and enthralling book, Sophia shares her success story of coming out of an abusive household. Her account will resonate with Domestic Violence survivors who have been victims of physical, psychological, and emotional abuse at the hands of their partners. ‘I came out of what I thought was the end of me, and this book comes out as a voice for many going through the same; we have to take a stand against this brutal crime Domestic Violence,’ Sophia shared. She further added that people in Jamaica who are going through a similar situation and feel like they’re going nowhere should read ‘Bullet-Proof.’

The title ‘Bullet-Proof,’ comes from the times in Sophia’s life when she felt threatened from every corner of her home. What was supposed to make her feel safe, secure, and protected became her biggest nightmare. She was searching for refuge in her own home.

The silver lining of Sophia’s hardships is ultimate victory despite terrible odds. She has shared a tale about perseverance and the belief that things can and will get better, no matter how dire the present may seem. Her steadfast trust, faith in God, and determination to face all are admirable qualities in the book.

Sophia’s brutally honest account of her marriage and profession details her abuse, abandonment she experienced, and quick descent from prosperity to abject poverty. It is a learning experience for all women that it is never too late to make the right decision. ‘It is 2022, with all the laws, state protection, and domestic violence help centers but still, there are so many women out there bearing their partner’s monetary, physical, and emotional torture,’ I went through the same trying to understand why was I not doing anything about it. Shattered, bone-tired, and mentally worn out from the everyday violence and heartbreak, Sophia found solace in dubbing her memoirs, record, and film Bullet Proof.

A must-read book for every individual; for women, it has hope, and for men, it has a lesson and learning to be apologetic for most of their gender’s behavior towards their partners. Sophia’s journey of overcoming her traumas and the never-ending healing process, she shares her story of endurance, hoping against hope, and finally deciding to put an end to it.

According to Sophia, ‘Blindee Preuve,’ aka ‘Bullet Proof,’ is an essential book for anyone interested in learning how to recognize toxic people, comfort the suffering, and resist abuse. Sophia is now in Jamaica to make music videos for her new album, Bullet Proof, and to promote a show and a Christmas benefit she is doing for the Kingston Women’s Centre.

Click the link to purchase BULLET PROOF today on Amazon Blindée Preuve: Sophia Dias.