Kilo house shares the brillant “R.U.N”: Listen

Our discovery of the day matches our expectations in terms of creativity and uniqueness. His name is Kilo House, and he has dropped a new banger “R.U.N”, a track that will make our whole week.

Coming from his deathcore background and also being a respected alumnus of the well known Icon Collective, Kilo House has a different way to see music and to create it. “R.U.N” unveils heavy bass production that propels the audience to another planet. Trap beat, industrial sounds, and a strong experiment. 

The one who has created the “Terror Trap” is also fervent of love and positivity, an interesting paradox that we can hear through “R.U.N”, masterful chaos. 

“ People take life way too seriously, I write the Trap music that I do to hopefully show my fans the fun nature that life truly is. Turn up, and then Stay up.” Kilo House.