Montreal artist Dave Rymer is going viral online!

Canadian producer/artist Dave Rymer has been in the music industry for 10 years now, and his numbers keep growing which proves his potential to become global. In 2020, thanks to his work with his label, he has reached 1.2 million listeners around the world. Several songs he worked on have gone viral (such as ”Hogar” with Nadro that has reached 800,000 views, and many other songs with Izaid).

With a 10 year-experience, he’s now managing young stars in Canada and France. He has founded his own label called RYMER&Co, and he is renowned in the music industry. Dave Rymer collaborated with more than 150+ artists, including legends such as Drake, The Weeknd, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, Maitre Gims, Soprano, Booba and PNL!

Based in Montreal, Paris and Toulouse, Dave is always looking for new talent. He spends his days working on music and developing artists. He is also an expert in communications and content creation thanks to several years of studies in this field. He’s learning about the music industry in Canada and he wants to know about the problems faced by Canadian artists.

Dave believes in promoting fresh talent and developing its network by working with directors, photographers and beatmakers. He also plans on launching RYMER&Co Magazine in Canada through Vlogs, interviews, and services for artists on tour. It is the perfect opportunity for rising artists to partner with Dave to advance their careers.

By 2022, he is planning on doubling the number of listeners, views and finding new talent for his label.