Kimmerly Presents Brilliant Single ‘Waterlily’

When it comes to music, it’s increasingly rare to find a moving, powerful, and hard-hitting song. As a result of this, it’s well worth considering some of the unique songs and styles that are gradually being introduced to the current music scene – and this is something we’re seeing with Kimmerly’s delightful and soothing style, too.

Kimmerly, born Carson Ruby Kimmerly, has always held a burning love and passion for music, undeniably influencing her lifestyle at numerous turns. She began learning to play music in the sixth grade and would master the violin by the eighth grade, when she started performing at a professional level – an amazing feat for someone so young. However, as her skills grew and she began to master new styles and sounds, she quickly realized that she wanted something more from her music – and so, by the time she was fifteen, she tried her hand at writing her very own piece. This would inspire her to take the next big step for her career, and she soon started performing as a solo music artist not long after.

Kimmerly likes to think of herself as a mix between an artist, a musician, and a poet – something that gives her work a wonderful style, charm, and beauty overall. In line with this drive, her songs are uniquely beautiful and mesmerizing, combining sounds and styles from many different areas of life. She takes inspiration from classical art pieces for her songs, further adding to her work’s beauty, mystique, and intrigue.

Overall, we absolutely adore Kimmerly’s wonderful sound – and we wish her all the best with her upcoming singles, too.