Our exclusive conversation with CJ Joe

If you are from this planet, you already CJ Joe, a regular of our redaction.

We discover the artist thanks to tracks like “Hope & Pray”, and “Shake it Off”. We fell in love with his unique music, infused with positive vibes and peaceful messages.

We are glad to share our exclusive interview with the international artist CJ Joe to know his career better. Discover it right now!

Welcome CJ Joe, we are glad to have you today. Can you introduce yourself to our reader and tell us how you started to make music?

Hello! Konichiwa!(Greetings) I am an International Reggae Singer from Japan. I know I don’t have the regular image of an Asian guy but now you know:) I started this music way back in my teenage years in mid-High School with some classmates forming a sound-system. I was more into Black Music like Hip-Hop, RB, Soul more of the Billboard music then gradually converted to Reggae but in a Rudeboy manner as we would say in Reggae “Ragamuffin” style so basically I was more like a MC(Ragga/Rap) than a Singer. As the years past my life changed to become more conscious of the influence of RASTA ways of life. Eventually becoming a “Reggae Singer”.

What inspires you to write music?

Everything I write is from real situations of my life experiences and what I feel. I also get inspired from legends from not only Reggae but from other genres that set the trend a big influence to me. It helps me especially to keep my focus on what I must keep on spreading to the next generations to come musically.

Your music is very rich and eclectic, but unique at the same time. Do you have a specific creative process?

My creative process usually starts with a Content Title. Lyrics then the melody can come or it can be the opposite jamming with musicians or vibing to a track. For me now its more of a vibe or feeling. A full song comes to me in hours a hook in seconds. Just a vibe.

Tell us more about your latest release!

Yes of course! My latest release “Shake It Off” is definitely a different message from my previous single release “Hope & Pray”.
It is more of a strong and tuff vibe and message to be “Fearless” in these hard times. Meaning Mentally Physically Spiritually fit. Im sure you know the famous quote from the great Bob Marley “Only the Fitest of the Fitest shall Survive” “Stay Alive”. I say it in my way “Stay Grounded Focused Aware” keeping your consciousness alive. Keep it positive & “Don’t Buy Into The Darkness” which is Fear. Let Love and Light show you the way out of the Dark World we face these days.

What do you plan for the future?

I have a couple of songs coming soon. I will keep them coming like soul food. Stay tuned! ! 1Love Peace Bless

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CJ Joe – “Shake It Off”Produced by “House of Riddim”
Release Date: September 18 2020

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CJ Joe – Hope & Pray Produced by “Sinkybeatz”
BGV:”Elle B”
Release Date: May 1 2020 ©︎℗ 2020 Fareast SoulJah Music

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