Pretty much everyone has had a harsh year, or even, a harsh couple of years, what with the whole pandemic thing. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to locate high quality music, and share it with our readers. Today, we’re talking to you about artist Gekesha Johnson, and her latest musical release “My Baby”.

Gekesha is the sort of artist who manages to get inspired by several different genres, and combine all these elements to create a unique, and highly refreshing song, like “My Baby”. A tune with a deceptively simple title, “My Baby” is a love song that touches your heart and shakes you to the core. While the style of the lyrics borders on the simplistic, the music is heartfelt, and speaks to listeners of different ages, and from all four corners of the world.

Gekesha’s voice is sweet, yet also conceals a certain edge that gives her words that much more meaning. Makes it feel like here’s this other person, this stranger who gets you. And in our book, that’s precisely what music ought to be about.  Gekesha’s music comes at you with such melody and rhythm that you’re forced to listen to it on repeat, without getting sick of it. It’s just that good of a song.

But then, Gekesha’s always had a deeply rooted love for music. She found her passion for singing early on in her life, but her young career was stunted after the untimely demise of her mother. Still, like any true artist, Gekesha Johnson managed to rise back up from that trauma, and channel her grief and her cavalcade of emotions into music. And by doing that, she gave the songs more heart, and made them universally catchy and lovable. 

Now, with the release and impressive success of “My Baby”, it’s clear to see that Alabama native Gekesha Johnson is destined for greatness.