Timeless Harmony: Béranger & Zahran’s Jazz Odyssey in “Kaleidoscope'”

Béranger & Zahran, a Parisian jazz duo, came to life almost a decade ago in Lyon. Their music, infused with the influences of French chanson and the soul of the New York scene, captivates a diverse audience in an intimate setting.

With their latest EP, titled Kaleidoscope, they unveil a mesmerizing musical project, offering a transcendental journey through time. Solar jazz melodies, enriched by poetic acoustic instruments like guitar and piano, coupled with gentle rhythms, craft an extraordinary sonic tapestry.

The singer’s velvety voice, gracefully gliding between French, English, and Portuguese, settles with enchanting purity. Béranger & Zahran present an impeccably woven sonic fusion, featuring relentless arrangements, transforming their music into a uniquely immersive sensory experience.

Enter into the experience: