Wiesinger shines on “FOMO”, his latest hit

We have discovered Wiesinger, an artist who will make our whole week thanks to his music full of hope and addictive energy. 

We had the pleasure to fall in love with “FOMO” (fear of missing out), his latest single, a delicious pop song with a commercial appeal and high replay value. 

The melodies are instantly catchy, and the pop energy coloured by a subtle touch of electro, is engaging. The lyrical content will resonate with a large audience: that’s the definition of a Hit!

Listening to “FOMO” gives you light, and hope, and spreads a beautiful message. Listen to it and you will feel alive :

“FOMO (fear of missing out) follows the story of how much uncertainty and fear of missing out on the life that COVID plagued the world with, it’s about all the pointless things we brought to make up for the emptiness we felt during the multiple lockdowns.” Wiesinger.