A beautiful and perfect musical day thanks to “I Want Poetry”

A few years ago, we unveiled a list of ten Scandinavian artists that you absolutely needed to discover. At that time, Icona Pop, MØ and others like Lykki Li put in the front of the media the Scandinavian music scene. In this new list of Scandinavian artists to follow added newcomers “I Want Poetry”, one of our favorite duo that we reviewed with their amazing “Growing Pains”. 

 “I Want Poetry” returns with another surprising and unique track entitled “Chandler”. The song is one of those tracks that catch your attention from the moment you press play! The minimal approach and the magical sound architecture transport you to a memorable and unexpected journey. The singer’s voice is warm and rich, and the vocal performance is a true gift. The perfect chemistry between the two artists and their outstanding performance makes “Chandler” one of the best tracks of 2020.


Also listen to their debut album “Human Touch”: