A conversation with Hip-hop artist David Khrist

Our discovery today is one of the best of the month and it is going to accompany our whole weekend! Let us introduce you to David Khrist. 

Fierce flow, epic production, deep and real lyrics: this is what you be lucky to find in his debut full-lengh project entitled “I’m The Truth”. Let us precise that the rapper officially launched his career in early 2020. Promising!

“I’m The Truth”, an unflinchingly honest look at the world around him, showcases David’s talent and particular voice. The way he rap reminds us at some points to artists like Bizzy Bone, and even Nipsey (RIP).

Press Play Now and discover our Interview with David Khrist below.

Hi David. We can’t wait to know more about you! First of all, could you explain to our readers how and when you started to make music?

I started doing music at the young age of 9. My father was a bass player so I would watch him and his buddies come together and jam out. I started off wanting to learn the drums. Then I fell right into playing the piano. Later on, in life, I was inspired by a few Rap artists that were out at the time and decided to try doing rap music. Loved it ever since!


While listening to your music, we immediately felt that you had a lot to say. What inspires you to write music?

Anything can be an inspiration when it comes down to writing music. But most of the time I go with the flow of the beat and let it take me where I need to go.


How do you create usually, do you have a special process?

 I love to be alone when I’m writing that’s when I make the beat music. But I also like to collaborate with other artists going off of their by vibe.


We feel like you put all your heart when you rap. Your debut album “I’m The Truth” is intense. Can you tell us more about this project?

My latest release “I am the truth” Is an album that I felt that I needed to introduce myself to the world, show them my versatility and my awesome Flow. I will consider this album my lower to the music industry.


How do you see the future? What are your plans? 

My plans in the future are to just sell albums and be the best father that I can be to my four children.


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