A conversation with Italian poet-musician Lorenzo Gabanizza

Today our focus is on Verona-born singer, songwriter Lorenzo Gabanizza. The artist, also a poet who is into the music since years, has always made sure to share his music with the charity world.

Lorenzo Gabanizza has worked with the greatest of the industry and already made his mark thanks to tracks like “Straight To The Heart” which reached #1 on the European country charts, and #6th on the MTV USA Spotify single charts.

The Italian artist recently released a new promising EP entitled “All the words we never said” for our greatest delight. The project unveils nothing but real feelings, touching melodies, outstanding lyrical content.

“All the words we never said” is an explosion of emotions rocked by beautiful melodies that goes straight to your soul.

Welcome to our redaction Lorenzo Gabanizza! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

I was born in Italy. I come from a poor and common family. In this I feel ideally close to many southerners American artists – obviously, I’m not going to compare myself to their greatness … I think of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Glen Campbell, and many others. Actually, the Gabanizzas didn’t have a farm and didn’t pick up cotton, but we lived for 5 in a small two-room apartment, with an outside toilet without hot water – some reminiscences of that period are described in my song “Joshua’s wooden cabin”. My first steps in music, began when I was 3 years old. At that age I started singing the hits of the time: Candida, Yellow river, Eloise, San Bernadino…

What are your main inspirations to write music?

Life. Landscapes. Pain. There are no rules. Any kind of event or feelings could start the music

Could you describe your creative process?

As far as writing is concerned, I do not follow a true working methodology. And this also concerns my parallel activity as a poet, novelist, and essayist. Because in any case, I believe that the creative process must be free from the conditioning of any kind. Of course, as a professional, I can write and I do write songs that develop a voluntary message, but they are not the best ones. Generally, when inspiration arrives, I grab my guitar and excerpts of text fall on my head. Sometimes the urge becomes so compelling that I have to get up at night to throw down some musical notes. Have you seen “Jazz singer” with Neil Diamond? The scene where he gets up at night and composes “love on the rocks”? Here I am.

We had an awesome listening to “All the words we never said”. Can you share a few words about it.

My latest release is part of a forthcoming album. The title track, “All the words we never said” is a travel through the mess of “What if”… Would our lives have been better if we had decided otherwise than we did? In the end, Aren’t we just in search of protection? Isn’t that first embrace the only and everlasting one? It’s a philosophical journey back in time right to human nature to its core. The other song featured is “No love at all” I wrote it back in 2007, and had to be enclosed on my first solo album “Lady of my life”. My Manager at the time chose to let the track out of the album. Gladly enough the song has finally been released today, with a brand-new country waltz arrangement and Max Gabanizza on bass.

What are your plans for your career and the future?

Well, continue to work on my novel, and performing in USA. But, honestly, I don’t like plans cause each time you make plans life, comes and shuffles your cards.