A new music era with “QUADZILLA” by YOUNGMETALGOD

Coming straight from Toronto, our artist of the day YOUNGMETALGOD is ready to take his place among the greatest and the most creative. 

His latest offering “QUADZILLA” illustrates our point thanks to a unique recipe between lo-fi hip hop and alternative sonorities. The outstanding artist creates his own style between laid-back and haunting flows, sharp and powerful rap bars.

We barely believe that “QUADZILLA” is YOUNGMETALGOD ‘s debut release as we can feel the originality, the experience, the passion. Inspired by Marijuana, and dropped into addictive feelings, the track unveils an energy that has never been heard before. 

The soulful production perfectly blends with YOUNGMETALGOD’s recognizable and incomparable vocal tone. An outstanding combo that will make you want to spend all day with him, talking and listening to his artistic vision.

Dive into the infectious “QUADZILLA” right now:

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