A unique musical journey with Blooodhound

Our discovery of the day caught our full attention. Finally something out of the box, unique and never heard before! Her name is Blooodhound, she comes from Sidney Australia, and she is definitely one of a kind.

The power of music is to echoes with our emotions, our imagination or our feelings. It can bring you to unexpected journeys. Blooodhound’s music illustrates our point as it must be lived as a whole experience. With her project 12965WISH, the experimental artist immerses us into an unreal and incomparable world.

Big beats, dark synth, and voices coming from nowhere, Blooodhound’s sound allow the audience to transpose its own story. We could imagine ourselves wandering in the street, at night, drinking to escape from our doubts or our reality.

As we said, the 13 tracks opus is the kind of project that you will have never heard before. We appreciate the way she is able to take artistic risks and her limitless creativity. Blooodhound has a vibe of hers, and she brings something different on the table. Blooodhound challenges our knowledge and confronts our concepts.

Be ready for this exceptional experience and listen to 12965WISH right now: