“A Perfect Day” with Amadante

A pleasant musical moment with Amadante

A beautiful song has the power to take you into a parallel world in which you are surrounded by sweet and pleasant sensations. “A Perfect Day” by Amadante, that we have just discovered, has this power for our greatest pleasure. Just perfect for the weekend!

With “A Perfect Day”, the piano-based songwriter unveils a colourful musical universe which navigates precisely between rock and electro-pop. Amadante sings with communicative joy and passion to deliver an undeniable good moment of music.

Thanks to its warm voice and lyrics, his energy, and his incredible creativity, Amadante touches our soul, and make us want to listen to his music, every day and on repeat. Moreover, “A Perfect Day” is now in our Spotify playlist BEST OF THE MONTH#8.

Give yourself a beautiful and addictive musical break and listen to “A Perfect Day” by Amadante: