Adam Faybrem delivers the breathtaking “Our World Ended”

We have just discovered the incredible Adam Faybrem, and we wonder why we did not know him before. We fell in love with his captivating EP “Our World Ended” for many reasons, including a surprising eclecticism and a new kind of sonic vision.

From “I Need You” to “No Way”, the opus is ambitious, blending a modern RNB with catchy pop colours. Sexy, solar, and sometimes melancholic the artist’s signature is fresh and delightful.

Adam Faybrem’s warm and addictive vocals perfectly complete the eclectic productions, intense, with surprising rhythms, such as those savorous touches of afro beats here and there. It gives us hope, love and above all a few minutes of stunning and sincere music, which is rare nowadays. 

The artist is ready to make a name for himself if he continues to stand out this way. At the-further, we listen to “Our World Ended” on repeat. 

Listen to “Our World Ended” right now, you won’t be disappointed: