Epic and infectious: “Live Forever” by Ph33Lipe

Ph33Lipe, real name Phillip Arnando Leak, is one of the best music discoveries of November. We discovered him thanks to his latest track “Live Forever”, a track that gave us hope in Hip-Hop again. 

“Live Forever” is the promise of an authentic journey through rap music, as it reconnects the audience with real poetry, in an area where the industry tends to serve the same tasteless recipes.  

Ph33Lipe, who has had music in his blood since a young age, delivers strong rap bars with meaningful and powerful lyrical content. His flow doesn’t let us down: sharp, flawless and spits with a charismatic interpretation. 

It reminded us how it feels to be listening to real music, and true hip-hop. No doubt that you will enjoy Ph33Lipe’s appealing signature and infectious, motivational sound. 

Press play and listen to the epic “Live Forever”:

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