Afghan American artist Jaydagold delivers the best album of the season: “Ashes of Art”

Our artist of the day Jaydagold unveils an impressive album beautifully entitled “Ashes of Art”.

We are ending this month on a perfect note thanks to this new album, a captivating opus where hip-hop, RnB, and captivating lyrical content meet together to invite the audience into an addictive and original musical journey.

From “42 Shots”, the epic opening, to “No Hook”,  the opus delivers a new urban and vanguard music world and a production that strays from the norm.

Jaydagold, who has an unconventional history, proves that creative artists still exist. This is what we call art: when music meets with our feelings and makes us disconnect from reality.

“I started doing music because I felt like it’s a way for me to express what I been holding inside of me out”. Jaydagold.