A comforting musical moment with Chris DeVito

Brooklyn-based artist Chris DeVito shares a beautiful message and musical moment with “Lend a Helping Hand”.

In a complex and darker world, we needed, more than ever, to feel supported, comforted, to feel that we are not alone.

Chris DeVito, a singer-songwriter and composer from Brooklyn, unveiled an emotional-driven titled song “Lend a Helping Hand”, a magnificent ballad about what we have all been through since the beginning of this pandemic.

The acoustic song is a little blessing to our ears thanks to the beautiful piano notes, the comforting guitar. Chris DeVito’s vocal performance is appealing, and she sings like she is with us, healing our pain and fears. 

“Lend a Helping Hand” is a gift for those who suffered during these hard times, and once you listen to it, you are immersed in an ocean of sensations and emotions.

Press play right now: